Next stop: Hollywood

Shangguo’s protocol for real-time 3D single particle tracking has been published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments. A star is born! See the video here.

Welcome to Jack and Justin

A warm welcome to Dr. Jack Exell, who joins our investigation of viral infection using real-time 3D microscopy! Also, a belated welcome to Justin Silverman (Class of 2018) who is investigating doping in giant quantum dots!

Belated welcomes to Kevin, Josie and Xiaochen

A very belated welcome Kevin Wang (nanoscrystal synthesis, started summer 2016), Joseph Griffith (3D tracking, started fall 2016) and Xiaochen Tan (3D tracking, started fall 2016). Welcome aboard and keep up the good work!

ACS Philadelphia 2016

Kevin presents Shangguo’s new microscope at ACS in Philadelphia in the “Advances in Biological Imaging” section on 8/25.

Welcome to Courtney Johnson and Xiaoqi Lang!!

A (belated) welcome to Courtney and Xiaoqi, who officially joined the lab Dec 2015. Courtney is developing the next incarnation of 3D Multi-resolution Microscopy. Xiaoqi is developing new stable nanoscale materials for particle tracking applications. Welcome to both brave souls!

Welcome to Dr. Shangguo Hou!

Dr. Shangguo Hou comes to the lab having recently received his Ph.D. from the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics. Shangguo will be developing new methods for real-time 3D tracking. Welcome to the team!